Scuba Diving in Tasmania

Scuba diving in Tasmania will fulfil every diver’s dream of an underwater landscape where the waters are so clear that you can see ‘forever’ and where ocean forests and old shipwrecks are inhabited by the most remarkable array of brightly coloured sea creatures. This dream becomes a reality when you dive the crystal clear waters that surround the Tasmanian coastline. Imagine quietly gliding through naturally formed caves, which are inhabited by some very small and some quite large ocean creatures alike.

This underwater adventure also presents you with reefs and corals of varying sizes and colour, painting the marine environment with bright shades of red, orange, yellow, and green. This Tasmanian underwater fantasy presents you with the extraordinary chance of viewing a number of world-class marine attractions that you have probably seen only in books and photographs. Amongst these wonderful attractions are a multitude of unique and diverse ocean creatures to glide with. Whales, dolphins, seahorses, sea dragons, sea snails, sponges, and other invertebrates spark up the seemingly infinite ocean with sharp and varied colours, some might even play and tag along with you as you explore the marine environment below.

Adding to the superb oceanic view is the dramatic set-up of giant kelp that reaches up to 30 metres. Scattered along the floor of the ocean, giant kelp forests not only contribute to the extraordinary marine attractions, but also provide shelter and playground for the many ocean species. You can even touch a kelp’s leaf and discover for yourself some sea creatures that have been crawling on and off them. When you are scuba diving in Tasmania, passing through the kelp forests and the underwater caves is an amazing experience.

Along the caves are tiny passages and tunnels that lead, who knows where? And the cave walls literally resemble a painter’s abstract because of the invertebrates covering the walls. To complete the beautifully crafted Tasmanian oceanic environment, historic shipwrecks are gathered in some 480 remote and protected sites. Incidents of sinking ships in Tasmanian waters were recorded to have had happened from the 17th century until quite recently and some of these ships’ structures are still intact enough that they are hailed as scuba diving in Tasmania’s premier scuba diving attractions. Indeed, if you’re a serious scuba diver then a visit to the pristine waters that surround Tasmania will enthrall you and is one of those things you simply must do before you die… Visit here for a comprehensive list of wonderful dive sites in Tasmania.


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