Our 5 Tips To Traveling With Family

Traveling with family can be fun and exciting. It is definitely different then traveling solo or with friends. We think by now we are pro’s at traveling with our family and here are the five tips we thought we would share with you:

Pack Light, Very Light

This goes without saying but if you are traveling through multiple cities, that means you will be carrying your luggage around everywhere. We recommend getting backpacks for essentials such as clothing, books, toiletries socks, boxers, and your laptop. In addition you will be able to conserve more energy on enjoying the experience.

Location Location Location

Avoid the fancy hotels, save that for your couples vacation in the Bahamas. We recommend finding rooms (with full amenities) at central locations on sites like airbnb. It’s cheaper, it has more space and it comes with a kitchen and washer/fryer (which if you read our last point can be of the utmost importance). We try to rent a apartment in every city we go to and make sure we can stroll through the restaurant and shop area nearby.

Walking is Key

Back to our last point above, it’s not just about walking but being able to use a little bit of mass transit if need be. The best way to explore any place is always by foot, not a car nor a tour bus. Sure you may cover less ground but if you really want to see a place walking is the way to go. Bikes are fun as well but not always practical. It’s very fun and exciting finding little gems at the place you are visiting that I always recommend this to everyone.

Don’t Forget To Get Lost

We don’t expect you to mindlessly end up in a slum and be in a situation which you may find hard to get out of. What we are saying is, if you guide book said stroll down Wall Street for example, don’t just stop there see the streets around it as well, which may be just as fun to experience. And to our last point you may find some very interesting gems on this street that many wouldn’t ever know about.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk To Locals

You are paying money to be on this trip so this is no time to be shy. Get out there and ask locals for their advice, chances are a lot might have changed the last time you were at this location or the travel guide was written. Locals usually know the best places as they live there. We keep going back to our point from #3 which is you might discover amazing gems that otherwise aren’t mentioned elsewhere and that’s what travelling is all about learning and exploring new things.


Patrick is the chief editor on our website, he is well qualified and has travelled a lot. He manages a perfect team to provide you with amazing blogs