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For Singles When: The resort stays quiet pretty much throughout the year, however if you’re not good with really high temperatures, we suggest you avoid visiting during the summer months.

Where: Many of the hotels along the coast have their own private beach and are ideal for singles. As well as being well looked after, you will be just metres from the shore!

Why: Nabq Bay isn’t as busy as some of Sharm El Sheikh’s larger resorts, so you can relax on the glorious sands in peace. The resort is especially good for older holidaymakers who want a quieter resort which still has great facilities.

For Groups When: Head out to Nabq Bay over the summer holidays to catch the highest temperatures and the liveliest atmosphere.

Where: Near the centre is probably the best place, so that you’re close to the action but still within walking distance of the beach.

Why: Although the nightlife isn’t the liveliest in Nabq Bay, there are still a few bars with a warm, friendly atmosphere. And who needs more anyway, when you could be reclining on golden sands and watching the dazzling sunset?

For Couples When: November is a good time to visit Nabq Bay, as the humidity is lower but the sun is still hot.

Where: Choose a nice spot along the coast where you can enjoy the privacy of a private beach and beautiful sea views from the comfort of your room.

Why: We challenge you to find a more romantic setting than a white sandy beach surround by palm trees and bathed in warm, Egyptian sun!

For Families When: April and May are good times to head out – you can still make the most of the sun but avoid the high humidity of the summer.

Where: A luxury hotel on the beach would be ideal, so you can wake up early and head down to the warm sands but slip back to the Nabq Bay hotel with ease if you need to top up on the sun cream!

Why: So that you can explore the coral reefs and blue lagoons without being disturbed. The quieter nature of the resort means that you won’t be woken up loud groups throughout the night!

Weather Think of the weather pattern in England, add on at least 10 degrees and you’ve got a rough idea of the climate in Nabq Bay. The summer months stay at a sizzling 35°C, only dropping below 30°C in the evenings. Throughout the rest of the year, the temperature stays above a warm 20°C, so if you can’t bear to drag out your woolly jumpers and knitted scarves this winter, why not simply escape to Nabq Bay? Watch out for the rising humidity in August – if you’re not good with a clammy climate then don’t visit from June to September!


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