Introducing the benefits of appointing a surveyor party wall for home security

Whether you’re considering building an extension, carrying out repairs to your home or just want extra peace of mind about the security of your property, appointing a surveyor party wall can be extremely beneficial. In this article, we’ll look at why it’s important to hire a professional and how they can help maximise the security of your property.

What is a surveyor party wall?

The term ‘party wall’ is used to describe any wall or structure that stands on land owned by two people. If either owner wishes to build on or near the boundary between their properties, they must have the written consent of each person who owns that piece of land. This is where the use of a party wall surveyor comes in – they act as an impartial third party between the two owners and draw up the necessary agreements which are legally binding on all parties.

How can they help maximise home security?

A party wall surveyor has many roles to play when it comes to maximising home security – from helping both owners agree on boundary lines, through construction work, to resolving disputes should anything arise during the process. Here are some of the ways they can help:

1) Establish boundary lines:

When it comes to agreeing the boundaries of neighbouring properties, accurate measurements are key – something only a qualified surveyor can provide. Knowing exactly where the boundary lies helps both parties know what they are entitled to and ensures that nothing is changed without mutual consent.

2) Advice on building work:

In cases where one owner wishes to carry out any type of major building work, such as building an extension, demolishing walls or replacing roofs, appointing a party wall surveyor will give them advice on what changes need to be made and whether these changes need their neighbour’s permission first. This will help them to protect their own rights while respecting those of their neighbours – minimising potential disputes down the line.

3) Dispute resolution:

Unfortunately, disagreements sometimes arise between neighbours over issues such as noise levels or damage caused by building work – this is where a Party Wall Surveyor steps in again, providing impartial mediation services and ensuring that any disputes are resolved quickly and with minimal disruption to all concerned.

Why use a professional service?

When looking for someone reliable to carry out surveys for your property, there is really no substitute for using an experienced professional service such as Hutton &Rutherford Property Services Ltd (HRPS). Our team offers a full range of surveying services including topographical surveys, building surveys, condition reports, development control, planning applications and much more – and we offer unbeatable value for money on all our services! We understand how important it is for clients to feel confident that their project will be completed accurately and with minimum fuss – so why not get in touch today and see how HRPS can help you maximise the safety of your home?


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