5 Things to do Before You Die

5 Adventure Holidays To Take Before You Die

No life is complete without a once in a lifetime experiences. An adventure holiday is something that should be on everybody’s list of things to do before you die. Here are 5 adventure holidays that should definitely be considered.

Ernest Hemingway was inspired to write Green Hills of Africa when he went on his first Serengeti adventure. Witnessing the great migration of Wildebeest, Zebra and numerous other species is amazing to behold. Simply having the opportunity to see lions, elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo and leopards in their natural habitat is an incredible experience that cannot be over-rated.

The plains are certainly impressive and teaming with wildlife, but there is also Rift Valley with volcanoes like Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro rising around it. The Riverine Forests make an impressive contrast to the plains and savanna where so much of Africa’s perceptions are created.

There are many wonderful places to go diving around the world, but none are as magnificent as the Great Barrie Reef. Off the coast of Queensland Australia, there is a diversity of sea life that cannot be found elsewhere. The Great Barrier Reef supports everything from crocodiles to molluscs to turtles. More than 215 species of birds rely on the reef to feed and support them. For the nature lover, this one of the ultimate adventure holidays of a lifetime.

Everyone at some point or another dreams of traveling in outer space. For a lucky few, the dream becomes reality. Space Adventures Ltd is offering the only out of this world adventure holiday available. Travel aboard a spacecraft to the International Space Station before embarking on a 7 day trip that orbits the moon. They also offer packages that include the opportunity to put on a space suit and go for a short spacewalk.

Exploring the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalaya’s is a holiday adventure that will not be easily forgotten. In addition to the challenging mountaineering opportunities, there are numerous alpine rivers that provide exceptional kayaking and rafting routes. The mule trails on the steep mountainsides make excellent mountain biking trails. Bhutan has only recently opened it’s boarders to visitors so much of the country is still unexplored.

Visiting Antarctica is not as difficult as it was in Shackleton’s day but it is no walk in the park. A ship capable of breaking through the ice is required to get close enough to see the Emperor Penguins in all their glory. Climbing glaciers and icebergs are challenges that few people can resist. Diving underneath an iceberg and exploring it from beneath the water is an experience that is sure to rate high on anybody’s list of awe inspiring experiences.


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